पहिलाे कदम
pahilo kadam

A step towards self love.

Pahilo Kadam is a ‘Not-For-Profit’ organization, created to be one stop solution for the question, “I need help with my mental health, where should I start from?”

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Mental Health Pro Database

We manage database of mental health professionals so that you can find the right counsellor based on location, expertise and availability.

Online Counselling

We connect you with the mental health professionals who offer online counselling.

Onsite Counselling

We connect with the mental health professionals for onsite counselling.

School Counselling

We bring group of mental health professionals to your school where students, teachers can have their first one-on-one session.

Corporate Counselling

We bring group of mental health professionals to your office where your employees can have their first one-on-one session.



We manage library of videos, post, articles, interview related to various topic of mental health.

Mental health proFessionals

These awesome mental health professionals are ready to help you.


We are your friends. We are here to listen to you. And you can count on us.


Your privacy carries utmost priority for us.


All the mental health professionals are certified with prior counselling experience.


From Nepal to the USA and the rest, we are there for you.


We have just started Pahilo Kadam, and we are going everyday.

Mental Health Professionals

online counselling sessions

onsite counselling sessions

opened up about their mental health

Your question, counselor’s answer 

Do YOU Have

A question to Ask?


I can write a long blog about all the troubles I went through but you can know that through my videos. So I just want to write about why I wanted to start Pahilo Kadam.

I just wanted to have a one-stop place for those who need help with their mental health-related problems. A place where they can know they are not alone, they can read about others experience and they can connect with counselors for professional help.

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