Online Counseling


One-on-one counselling session with a professional counsellor through online medium.


Many people are still reluctant to visit counsellors for face-to-face counselling. Others may not have availability of counsellors in their local area. Thus, we decided to bring online counselling to the general audience.

Fee ($10 / Rs.1000)

Since we are a ‘not-for-profit’ organization, this fee is to pay counsellors for their time and also to provide free counselling service for those people who cannot afford to pay the money.

Session Duration

Each session will be 45 minutes long and the counsellors will give their best to hear and help you out.


You can be located anywhere in the world. For now, a majority of our counsellors are based in Nepal, but slowly we will add counselors from all over the world.

Don't have money to pay for counseLling?

It's fine. Write to us. We will figure something out.

How to get started?

STEP 1: Contacting Us

The process starts with you contacting our team.

STEP 2: Screening

A member of our team and a counsellor will contact you to understand your request better and find the best counsellor for your problem.

STEP 3: Counsellor Match

Our team will connect you with the right counsellor.


STEP 4: Session Starts

Your counselling session with your counsellor starts.

Write to US!

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