New Counselor Form

We are making a database of Nepali mental health experts so that the seeker can easily locate the counselors. If you are a mental health expert, Please fill the form and have your info in our database.


We are 'not-for-profit' org

Pahilo Kadam is not here to make profits. We actually started Pahilo Kadam by putting Rs.2000 from our own pockets. We are here to give, not take.


If you want, then by-pass us

If you think, ‘well i don’t need Pahilo Kadam team to help with connecting with client or collecting money’; you can totally by-pass us. All we want is, the clients can find you and come to you. Thus, please have your info in our database. Once the user finds you then they can directly start working with you. It’s fine, if you don’t want us to give any credit to Pahilo Kadam.


we are here to help counselors

Website designing, database making, FAQ, marketing – these are the things that we believe, should not be done by counselors because they have more important task to do; counsel others. Thus, we want to help counselors by, doing all the aforemetioned tasks.