About US

Pahilo Kadam is a project of Krinjal.

WE just want to be there for you when you need us.

We have decided to use our skills, experience and passion not only to open up the discussion around mental health in Nepal, but also to actually provide one-on-one counseling by professional support groups led by experts, through collaboration with various experts, professionals and organizations working in the field of mental health.

Our objective is plain simple; be there for people needing mental health support.

If we have to list in the points, we would say:

  • Be one stop resource for people seeking any mental health related topics
  • Create a database of counselors with various infos, so that people can reach the right counselor easily.
  • Connect people with counselors

Main thing, we are ‘Not-for-profit’. If any session requires charge then know that the fee goes towards paying our professional counselors.


Pahilo Kadam’S cORE TEAM

Kshitij Raj Lohani

Kshitij Raj Lohani

Founder and CEO

Nishma Gautam

Nishma Gautam

Project Lead

Aarju Lohani

Aarju Lohani

Chief Financial Officer

Aarju Lohani

Aarju Lohani

Chief Financial Officer

Sagun Raj Lage

Sagun Raj Lage

Chief Technology Officer

Shikha Neupane

Shikha Neupane

Project Coordinator and Researcher

Krinjal’s Pillars

There are many people who are not on the board or the team. But whenever Krinjal needs them, they have always been there, and they will continue to be there. At Krinjal, we really appreciate their love and support. Thus, we have a section dedicated entirely for them and it’s called Krinjal’s Pillars.

  • Kobit Baniya: Our chief critic and he gets logistics done at a speed of a lightning bolt.
  • Niraj Kafle: Gives a reality check to our ideas.
  • Darshan Parajuli: His unique perspective is always funny and sometimes important too.
  • Santosh Pandey: Boosts us with his marketing toolbox.
  • Prarambha Dahal: Ensures that everyone is professional.
  • Aarohan Karki: We all need relax and fun time after every event. He’s the in-charge of that.
  • Nilesh Gupta: The go-to person to execute anything.
  • Ojashree Aryal: Makes sure we all get proper environment and energy to work.
  • Shikha Neupane: Our super-talented media girl.
  • Basanta Poudel: The most experienced one. Always saves us from problems.
  • Yasaswi Dhungel: Makes sure we get our mind relaxed with his music and helping nature.
  • Abhishek Gyawali: Makes digital posters ready even before we ask for them.
  • Hari Ojha: His support is our confidence.

Service Providers in Nepalese Mental Health Space

We are a not-for-profit organization trying to bring positive impact in mental health space of Nepalese people. Currently, we are collaborating with a few organizations and want to help/promote other organizations and work with them for better results. 

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Nepal Mental Health

Nepal Mental Health Initiative is a collective effort by six local organizations towards de-stigmatization of mental health in our community. 

Mann Ka Kura

Mankaa Kura, the leading Mental Health Counseling Provider in Nepal, believes that one must have the easiest access to the right kind of help and support during any period of emotional and mental upheaval. We are your emotional mentors, your anchor when the tides get rough. We will ALWAYS have your back.

TPO Nepal

Transcultural Psychosocial Organization Nepal (TPO Nepal) is one of Nepal’s leading psychosocial organization. It was established in 2005 with the aim of promoting psychosocial well-being and mental health of children and families in conflict affected and other vulnerable communities. TPO Nepal is a knowledge-driven, innovative organization working in areas disrupted by violence and poverty.

Happy Minds

Happyminds.Health is a mental health and wellbeing platform that promotes mental health awareness and provides a platform to connect with trusted mental health professionals for Nepali people around the world.



Your privacy carries utmost priority for us.


All the mental health professionals are certified with prior counselling experience.


From Nepal to the USA and the rest, we are there for you.